Evaluating & Comparing Systems to Support New Business Growth

Strategy & Delivery

The Challenge

Our client, a diversified healthcare partner serving millions of members through their health insurance, dental, vision, and reinsurance products, needed to integrate two clinical systems being used to support their government markets. In addition, they wanted to understand which clinical system would best support future expansion areas for the business. Aspirant was tasked with performing a business and system comparison , and within one month, provide a recommendation to the client concerning which system would be better suited to support new business going forward.

The Solution

Aspirant worked alongside the client to determine a set of eight guiding principles to apply to the system comparison. Using Digital Discovery®, our team quickly gathered responses from more than 550 end-users of the current clinical systems. We also developed personas to represent key users of the clinical systems and gathered and assessed clinical system and vendor information by interviewing both vendors and internal stakeholders.

The Results

  • By the one-month deadline, Aspirant provided a final recommendation for which system would best support additional markets or lines of business in the future.
  • We provided a detailed report comparing the two clinical systems based on the eight guiding principles, including important criteria such as technical capability, configurability, integrations, and cost effectiveness.
  • We developed six personas representing key end-users of clinical systems, to ensure the client kept end-user needs at the forefront of their decision.
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