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Create Impactful Digital Experiences and Capabilities

Whether you are boosting traffic to your website, standing up an ecommerce portal, developing a mobile app, or enabling an enterprise application, we can help. Our tech and UI/UX experts collaborate with clients on designing, building, and integrating solutions that are as elegant and intuitive as they are functional. Leverage exceptional digital platforms as a force multiplier for achieving your strategic goals.

Ed DiGregory

Managing Director,
App Development & Integration

“Each software architect, UX designer, and web developer on our team takes personal pride in the impact of the world class IT services we provide for clients.”

App Development & Integration Capabilities

User Experience & Interface Design

User Experience
& Interface Design

Enhance user satisfaction, trust, and engagement with quality UX and modern UI design. Boost conversions and brand reputation with a target audience.


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Website Design & Development

Custom Websites,
Apps, & Software

Build or upgrade applications to fit your exact needs and preferences. Craft a website to elevate brand perception, strengthen conversion, and enable online transactions. Streamline operations, ensure compliance, and drive growth.


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System & API Integration

System & API Integration

Implement Custom APIs to centralize data collection, and minimize manual processes. Establish a cohesive and efficient workflow, eliminate data silos, and optimize business procedures.

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Application Modernization


Improve software applications to make them more efficient, scalable, and aligned with contemporary technology standards and user needs. Stay competitive and relevant in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner Logo

Aspirant is a Microsoft Solutions Partner

Aspirant has two Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations: Digital & App Integration and  Data & AI. Our team has the comprehensive skills to deliver the solutions to help your business excel.

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App Combatting Domestic Violence Launches in U.S.

Aspirant launched the Connection of Hope campaign as a commitment to combating domestic violence in the local community and around the world. 

We applied our expertise to build Bright Sky — a free mobile and web app providing educational and practical support for domestic violence victims and their loved ones.

Bright Sky has launched globally, having established a presence in 14 countries in 24 languages.

Bright Sky.FindHelpMap.Phone with Case Mockup.colorbackground
Android and IOS App Development
Mobile App Development Services
App Dev  Integration Graphic

Capability Details

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User Experience Design (UX) / User Interface Design (UI)

There is much more to effective UI/UX design than appealing aesthetics. The information and functionality provided by a website or software application need to directly align with the way the targeted user thinks.

Some companies label themselves as UI/UX design firms while only offering a few components of those capabilities. Lacking the ability to lead UX research or apply the science behind UI design can result in an underwhelming end product. That can mean missing out on gaining a new customer or stubborn resistance to using internal platforms.

Each UX and UI designer on our team blends the technical and creative skills required to craft rewarding digital interactions.

   AI-powered user experience research via Digital Discovery®
•    User flow construction and optimization
•    UI/UX design and rehabilitation


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Custom Software, Websites & Mobile Apps

A company’s digital machinery has become more important than its physical infrastructure. It can represent a force multiplier for smaller organizations or an Achilles heel for more mature corporations. Due to capability or capacity, very few have the software development resources to keep up with the needs of the business. 

Finding a competent full stack or website developer to close that gap may seem straightforward. However, many software companies operate on a transactional basis that forces clients to do the leg work of identifying / prioritizing features and technical specs. Then they work in parallel to fill the order.

Instead, we take a collaborative approach to scoping and managing all development projects. Clients remain involved and informed as our developers create and implement solutions that enable them to achieve their strategic goals. Our team includes UI/UX and design experts who ensure that the finished product’s aesthetics match its performance.

We apply the full breadth of our creative and technical skills to deliver custom software, websites, and mobile apps that meaningfully impact client businesses.

•    User requirement gathering
•    User flow optimization
•    Custom software development, including enterprise applications
•    Local / nearshore development outsourcing & Agile devops
•    Mobile app development [iOS, Android]
•    Web application development
•    Visual web design services [style guide, logo / graphic design]
•    Custom web development [animation, web page templates, modules]
•    Content Management System (CMS) fluency [Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, WordPress]
•    CRM-based web hosting services [HubSpot, Salesforce]
•    eCommerce storefronts [Shopify, Zyro, BigCommerce]
•    Integrated sales conversion [lead generation, payment facilitation]
•    Technical search engine optimization (Tech SEO)
•    Other IT services


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System Integration & API Development

Installing all the tech you need is a step in the right direction, but everything needs to talk to everything else. Comprehensive integration across customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, ecommerce portals, and custom applications will unlock operational efficiencies that translate directly to the bottom line.

Dovetailing these integrations into a well-defined Data Analytics program will enable the centralization, visualization, and analysis of the vast amounts of data being generated.

Aspirant does not build technology for technology’s sake. We apply business perspective to each initiative, ensuring the intended result is realized.

•    Custom API development
•    API system integration with cloud / third party platforms
•    Systematic automation


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Application Modernization

Any software instances still running on premise are on borrowed time. Applications modernization brings increased flexibility, reduced maintenance, and assured continuity of service that are too appealing to pass up. However, making that transition without a comprehensive cloud migration strategy and the expertise to carry it out is risky.

Aspirant applications modernization services enable clients to build and execute a plan to modernize applications — custom or off-the-shelf — so they can reap the rewards of cloud migration without bearing the risks.

•    Application refactoring
•    Software replatforming
•    Off premise rehosting


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