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Maximizing Integration Value and Avoiding the Leaky Bucket Syndrome

Mike McClaine

Mergers and acquisitions are built on aggressive financial promises, but value delivered often doesn't live up to expectations. Learn what factors cause profit goals to be missed and how companies can solve this “leaky bucket” by taking strong actions to maximize value.

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Aspirant Publishes eBook to Help Organizations Prepare for 2030

Judy Johnson

Everyone agrees that the work world is going to change drastically by 2030. Our new eBook, “Organization Effectiveness for 2030,” written by Aspirant Vice President Judy Johnson, will help you see the changes and prepare for what’s to come.

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Aspirant Holds Event to Release Domestic Violence Intervention App RUSafe V.2

John Conroy

Aspirant and WC&S held a launch event on June 27 in Pittsburgh and invited the local community to become ‘Champions’ against domestic violence by providing life-saving resources, including the RUSafe app, which was developed in Pittsburgh by Aspirant.

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The Basics of Analytics and Information Management

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about topics like master data management, data integration and other key processes that ensure accurate data. However, we haven’t really talked about analytics and information management. Analytics are crucial to decision-making.

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5 Steps to Implement Your Strategy Consultant’s Plan and Hold Your Team Accountable

You’ve made the decision to partner with a local management consulting firms. You’ve worked together wonderfully, and you now have a great plan for improving the company you believe in – yours. You’re definitely going to need a new strategy and a new culture of accountability to go along with it!

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Building Out A Bulletproof Master Data Management (MDM) Strategy

Master data management is a huge project. It’s bringing together all of your data, from all of your applications, and getting them to talk to each other. Imagine bringing together 10 groups of people who speak 10 different languages, and asking them to communicate. You definitely need a strategy.

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Two Missteps in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

You should be able to access any sets of data you need to run in your business whenever you need it. It should be as simple as setting up an automated report. There are many common missteps when implementing master data management. This post will help you avoid those missteps.

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