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  • Welcome to Aspirant. Fundamentally changing the way managment consulting services are delivered.
Welcome To Aspirant. Fundamentally changing the way management consulting services are delivered.

3 Signs My Organization Lacks Accountability

1. Employees are more concerned about keeping their jobs then doing their jobs. 2. Gossip is used as a form of communication, particularly in leadership. 3. Culture demands that everyone be treated the same in order to be fair.

Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap

For CEOs and company leaders, developing a three, five or even a ten-year strategy is not the end of the story; it’s just the beginning. Unfortunately, turning strategy into reality has been a challenge for many.

5 Common Questions about Leveraging Technology for Employee Engagement

Answers to common questions about using technology to engage employees. How can I improve collaboration among employees using technology? How can I use social media to improve employee engagement?


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