Mergers & Acquisitions

Drive Value throughout the Transaction Lifecycle

Aspirant provides the strategic guidance needed before, during, and after an M&A transaction to reduce risk and maximize stakeholder value. The comprehensive processes we manage help our clients maximize their combined capabilities, strengthen performance, and increase the pace at which they capture return.

Bill Kollitz

Mergers & Acquisitions Practice

“Our integrated capabilities and expertise provide our clients the comprehensive support a transaction’s complex processes requires, freeing leaders to concentrate on other priorities critical to the business’ success.”

Mergers & Acquisitions

Aspirant Consulting: Pre-Deal Preparation


  • Identification of potential targets
  • Formulation of acquisition strategy
  • Accounting practice review



Aspirant Consulting: Deal Execution


  • Due diligence and valuation leadership
  • Facilitation of negotiations
  • Contract development
  • Vetting of financing options
M&A Post-sale Icon 2


  • Operational and systematic integration
  • Cultural assimilation
  • ROI measurement, analysis, reporting, and optimization

Aspirant Consulting: Merger and Acquisition Failure
Don't let a lack of clarity undermine your integration efforts.

Aspirant can help get the odds back in your favor. Our integrated approach to the transaction process identifies and addresses frequently overlooked issues. This reduces your risk of failure and accelerates the realization of results.

Maximize Your Return
Financial projections for M&A initiatives tend to be overly optimistic, setting the team up for disappointment. Learn how companies can solve the “leaky bucket” syndrome that often minimizes the value of the transaction.  

Aspirant Consulting: Leaky Bucket

Client Success Stories