Mergers & Acquisitions

Drive Value throughout the Transaction Lifecycle

A methodical approach to acquisitions is the only way to avoid costly missteps and delays that cut into returns. A trusted partner with an objective, external perspective is invaluable. Aspirant has the expertise to support every phase of the deal-making lifecycle. From formulating an acquisition strategy to leading due diligence to integrating organizations, our team can make all the difference in maximizing the rate of return.

Bill Kollitz

Managing Director,
Mergers & Acquisitions

“Rather than viewing mergers and acquisitions solely from a financial or operational point of view, we consider all factors in designing solutions for clients.”

Mergers & Acquisitions

Pre-deal Preparation


Zero in on strategic themes to target for acquisition. Identify and compare companies in consideration. Adopt best practices that boost interest from potential acquirers.

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Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Apply thorough due diligence to guide business valuation. Drive an informed contract negotiation that enables a strong return on investment.


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Post-close Integration


Accelerate the integration of business processes, functional structure, and resource allocation. Utilize systems to track and optimize performance.

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Aspirant Mergers and Acquisitions

Gain clarity from pre-deal to post-close for foundational M&A activities.

Our Staging Success: The M&A Lifecycle Assessment frames the transactional activities for an impending merger or acquisition by identifying prospective complexities and obstacles in support of key decisions necessary for success.

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Maximize Your Return

Financial projections for M&A initiatives tend to be overly optimistic, setting the team up for disappointment. Learn how companies can solve the “leaky bucket” syndrome that often minimizes the value of the transaction.  

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Pre-Deal Preparation

Mergers and acquisitions can dramatically accelerate performance and profitability. However, joining forces with the wrong enterprise could cause irrecoverable damage. Leveraging an impartial partner's support in preparing for and evaluating such opportunities significantly mitigates that risk.

Our experienced pros call on market insight and comprehensive expertise to guide organizational leaders and private equity firms toward the most promising strategic transactions.

  •  Formulation of acquisition strategy (vertical merger, horizontal merger, reverse merger, divestiture, spin-off)

  • Identification of business acquisition targets

  • Accounting practice review

Contract Negotiation

Deals are evaluated on the basis of the value they generate. Maximizing returns starts with a favorable purchase price, and the best way to get a bargaining advantage is to do your homework. Proper due diligence is essential to accurately calculate business value. Consider the perspectives and motivations of all relevant stakeholders to find the most effective negotiation strategies.

Aspirant has the savvy to help structure agreements that set the stage for long term success.


  • Due diligence leadership

  • Business valuation

  • Facilitation of negotiations

  • Contract development

  • Vetting of financial options

Post-Close Integration

Recognizing the projected upside of a deal is always more difficult than anticipated. Unexpected complications inevitably surface. Timely, sustainable resolutions that address the true root causes need to be implemented before becoming a larger issue. These typically show up at the intersection of the previously separate organizations, with each reluctant to adopt the other's service design, tech platforms, or organizational culture.

Aspirant's unique Integrated Expertise provides access to comprehensive technology and management consulting pros who tailor solutions to each client's specific circumstances. They also help leaders maintain and continually optimize performance of the combined teams.

Our holistic approach helps leaders drive the organizational change and install the control measures needed to maximize their return on investment.

  • Operational, systematic, and organizational integration 
  • Redesign of enterprise architecture
  • Cultural assimilation
  • Real-time KPI reporting
  • ROI measurement
  • Business process improvement

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