Aspirant is an innovative, client-focused, values-driven, global management consulting firm with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and European headquarters in London, UK. We offer a broad range of services in Strategy, Transformation, and Day-to-Day Operational consulting including specific focus in Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Technology, and Digital. We also offer unique capabilities in Project and Program Leadership and Technology Solutions.

We help our clients get to the true root of their business challenges and rapidly address those challenges with practical and sustainable solutions… and by being a true partner they can rely on. We accomplish this through:

Lean Teams of Experienced Consultants

Our teams are comprised of accomplished, high-caliber consultants who use their industry and functional expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions in a shorter timeframe. Our team members are often from the big consulting companies, but rather than operating in the traditional consulting pyramid mode of guiding numerous, less-experienced team members, they use their expertise to work directly on your business challenges.

Local Feel and Close Partnerships with Our Clients

Unlike traditional consultants, we are focused on serving our clients in the same cities in which our consultants live. This approach enables us to develop long-term relationships and be there when you need us most. We also rely on a more humble, collaborative approach to deliver solutions with you instead of for you. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor to help you achieve business success.

Innovative Model Fueled by Leading-Edge Technology

We have a unique business model that utilizes real-time collaboration and leading-edge technology to accelerate time to value. For example, our Digital Arsenal uses AI technology to rapidly synthesize information and develop deep insights related to the initiative at hand, often removing weeks from the initial phase of a project. In addition, our on-sight insights team is able to integrate real-time with projects team to increase agility and create faster results.

Commitment to Client Capability and Sustained Success

We embed capabilities, systems, and processes during every engagement so that you will have sustained success long after the project has been completed. We create practical solutions that you can implement with our help or with your own team. Our goal is your long-term success, not the creation of a cumbersome PowerPoint deck that will sit on a shelf.

Aspirant is dedicated to raising awareness of and helping prevent domestic abuse through our Connection of Hope campaign.