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Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Leverage Cloud Technology and Analytics to Accelerate Growth

As a Microsoft partner, Aspirant helps clients implement Azure solutions that fuel the achievement of their organizational goals. Create KPI dashboards and generate data analytics that can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Foster adoption of Microsoft 365 apps that unlock lost productivity. Utilize a hybrid cloud architecture to increase tech agility. Protect networks and databases from infiltration.

Sayed Saeed

Managing Director,
Microsoft Cloud Solutions

“Our team has the comprehensive expertise to offer clients end-to-end support, from the identifying the ideal cloud solutions through ongoing optimization.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Capabilities

Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Azure Cloud

Leverage our expertise with the hundreds of Azure cloud services to identify and implement the most appropriate solutions into your tech ecosystem.

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Data, Analytics & AI

Data, Analytics
& AI

Streamline data collection, build real-time dashboards, and apply the power of AI to strengthen insights that inform and accelerate strategic decisions.

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Modern Workplace


Eliminate technical debt by driving adoption and maximizing utilization of modern applications to improve collaboration throughout the organization.

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Safeguard hybrid cloud environments from an ever-expanding list of threats to protect the reliability of the digital platforms that power your business.

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Aspirant is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our collaborative partnership with Microsoft sets us apart

Aspirant's sustained relationship with Microsoft not only ensures comprehensive, up-to-date expertise with their applications, it also enables us to secure direct support from them on behalf of our clients.

Depending on the circumstances, that can even include funding to subsidize client-specific cloud solutions.

Capability Details

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Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Most organizations recognize the advantages of moving to the cloud, but very few are equipped to make an efficient transition on their own. The effort to research, compare, select, and implement the right cloud solutions requires time and resources that are already in short order. This typically leaves companies in one of three situations:

1. They find themselves unable to identify the cloud applications they need, stick with what is already in place, and miss out on the benefits of the cloud.

2. They invest time and money into an architecture that falls short of what they need, limiting the potential upside.

3. They overspend on technology by paying for functionality their teams will never use, creating persistent tech debt.

All these risks can be avoided by partnering with Aspirant. As a Microsoft-certified team, we have an intimate understanding of the Azure cloud. This enables us to quickly determine the ideal mix of solutions suited to each organization’s unique needs.

Aspirant’s expertise streamlines the transition to the cloud, accelerating the realization of the resulting benefits.

•    Azure cloud architecture design
•    Hybrid cloud implementation
•    Comprehensive cloud migration and optimization
•    Custom solution development / Azure devops

Data, Analytics & AI

The business climate is shifting faster than ever and shows no signs of slowing. Excelling in this environment is dependent on a company’s strategic agility — the ability to react nimbly, decisively, and effectively in response to a variety of dynamics. This requires timely, reliable data analytics to generate the insight leaders need to make informed decisions.

Organizations still using antiquated reporting systems will be outmaneuvered by those with more sophisticated data management. Industry-leading companies utilize automated KPI dashboards that centralize, visualize, and analyze data in real time and can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Aspirant helps clients implement the business analytics they need to surpass and stay ahead of the competition.

•    Enterprise data centralization (SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Salesforce, HubSpot)
•    Data management and governance
•    Microsoft Power BI data visualization
•    State-of-the-art business intelligence programs

Modern Workplace

The value recognized from investments in software is limited by the extent to which those systems are utilized. Resistance to new ways of working can be difficult to overcome, and the implementation of modern workplace tools certainly falls within that category. Teams generally feel they are already operating at full capacity and consider the learning of new Microsoft 365 apps to be more disruptive than beneficial.

Aspirant helps clients maximize the ROI of their tech spending by implementing the right applications, fostering understanding, and driving adoption.

•    Rationalization of Microsoft 365 / Office 365 apps

•    Transition from traditional / legacy platforms (Lotus Notes, on-premises Exchange)
   Migration from Google Suite
   Implementation of collaborative solutions (Outlook, SharePoint, Teams)
•    Alignment of technology with people and processes
•    End user training programs


Some companies still consider cybersecurity a low priority — until they don’t. That will change the minute they realize their system has been compromised. Security breaches are often much more costly than a ransomware buyout or the cost of remediating a network virus.

At best, they present an unwelcome distraction. At worst, they can completely paralyze operations or cause irreparable data losses. These attacks continually evolve, growing more complex, malicious, and difficult to detect. Failure to combat these risks with equally sophisticated cloud security solutions could have substantial repercussions.

Aspirant helps clients implement dynamic cybersecurity countermeasures that keeps organizations focused on achieving strategic objectives.

•    Risk and maturity assessments
•    Cybersecurity governance
•    Deployment of policy and controls

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