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Aspirant combines deep expertise in organizational effectiveness and behavioral science with proprietary AI-powered assessments to accelerate and strengthen the solutions we deliver for clients. Our experts lead programs to reorganize teams, implement change, and galvanize organizational culture. This improves employee retention and performance, directly driving business results.

Judy Johnson, Ph.D.

Vice President,
Management Consulting

At Aspirant, we partner with clients to craft sustainable solutions that enable them to achieve their most pressing organizational goals.”

Organizational Effectiveness Capabilities

Organizational Structure & Design Consulting

Organizational Structure & Design

Build or restructure teams to improve efficiency, stimulate collaboration, and accelerate performance. Establish an optimal design in just 12 weeks with Org Accelerator.


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Change Management Firm

Change Management

Formulate a feasible, actionable plan for leading the organizational change needed to achieve the established strategic goals.


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Transformational Leadership


Inspire and rally the organization around shared objectives. Energize the ranks to embrace their individual roles in overcoming the most daunting challenges.


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OE Employee Experience Icon

Experience (EX)

Keep a finger on the pulse of ever-shifting employee sentiment. Implement processes and systems to maintain a rewarding experience consistent with corporate brand strategy.

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Organizational Effectiveness Workplace Trends 2025 ebook
​2025 Workplace Trends

Overnight, what we thought we understood about the workplace was turned upside down. While we’ve worked through the chaos, early indicators show that change is just getting started.

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Digital Discovery® is our proprietary AI-powered virtual interview tool that synthesizes large-scale, qualitative inputs into actionable quantitative output. It enables our Organizational Effectiveness team to quickly diagnose the issues at hand, accelerating the development of recommendations for clients.

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Organizational Structure & Design

Every company, team, and individual is expected to deliver more than last year. The means for meeting those ever-tougher expectations is not always obvious. Too many leaders throw money at the problem by hiring more people, buying new tech, or ramping up advertising spend. Most times, a commitment to improving efficiency would be a better investment.

Restructuring departments and revamping collaboration practices establishes a strong foundation that can unlock exponential returns from future growth initiatives.

Aspirant's experts help clients optimize organizational design and ways of working, enabling them to reach business goals with the resources and talent already in place.

  • Org Accelerator12-week program to rapidly advance transformation and performance
  • Assessment of current state vs. strategic priorities
  • Support with functional alignment
    • Downsizing, rightsizing, and workforce reductions
    • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
    • Turnaround consulting
    • Standing up new departments
    • Revamping roles and decision rights

Change Management

Change may truly be the only constant amongst industry-leading companies. They recognize that staying on top requires a willingness to adjust strategies and tactics in response to the ever-evolving competitive landscape. An informed, impartial partner can provide invaluable support in helping organizations overcome competing priorities that often stand in the way of an effective change management process.

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Change Management Consulting Firms


Our Prosci-certified Change Practitioners help clients define their current and ideal state as part of mapping a realistic, successful plan for making that transition.

  • Evaluation of organization's need for change
  • Persona-based change impact assessment with customized, scalable change plans
  • Integrated, overarching change roadmap

Transformational Leadership

Effective transformational leadership is based on the ability to motivate and mobilize teams around shared goals. However, organizational resistance can easily prevent potentially transformative initiatives from ever making a real impact. That is why it so critical to anticipate and account for the variety of concerns that may arise.

Aspirant helps leaders build the organizational buy-in they need to make sustainable change.

  • Leadership assessments individuals and teams
  • Practical, multi-faceted leadership development programs
  • Executive / executive leadership team (ELT) coaching
  • Support in enabling a culture of accountability

Employee Experience (EX)

A positive company culture is central to employee retention and engagement. A genuine commitment to gathering honest feedback and understanding perceptions can go a long way toward building transparency throughout an organization. The resulting trust fosters goodwill that powers stronger collaboration.

Aspirant utilizes organizational behavior expertise and proprietary AI-powered tools to help companies create environments that maximize their potential.

  • Proprietary AI-powered organizational assessments
    • Employee engagement
    • Employee experience / sentiment / satisfaction
  • Skillset evaluation and development
  • Talent lifecycle optimization
  • Enablement and adoption of HR systems [HRIS, LMS, etc.]

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