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Reducing Tech Spend Through IT Build

Technology Strategy & Execution, Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The Challenge

Continued growth of a $500 million natural gas company was threatened by its lack of a formal IT organization and business support capability. The customer’s COO wanted to move forward with Salesforce as a hub application platform for his cross department and function end-to-end process as well as information access and update vision. However, the internal IT organization had minimal understanding of the platform, application architecture, and hybrid Cloud/Premise environment.

The Solution

Aspirant worked closely with executive management to rapidly create a fully tailored enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO). Simultaneously, the team conducted a comprehensive Business Enablement Assessment that provided a foundation for IT application portfolio and architecture improvement. These efforts led to an expedited framing and launch of three critical business transformation programs, the organization and execution of over 100 projects, and the approval of a formal IT build out and development plan.

The Results

  • Established a fully operational ePMO, launched three strategic business transformation programs, managed over 100 projects, and organized the first formal IT function.
  • Improved IT application and project governance, spend, and delivery capability/reliability.
  • Significant reduction in technology spend, application portfolio size, and project delivery timeframe.
  • Major simplification of the application architecture and portfolio, while simultaneously improving business support and benefits.
  • Obtained full SOX compliance in less than seven months.
Joe is the Director of Digital Discovery. He focuses on business strategy and operational excellence. He has a background in finance / management and has immersed himself in the world of data science and Artificial Intelligence.

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