Leading Digital Transformation for Medicaid

Strategy & Delivery, Technology Strategy & Execution

The Challenge

A large healthcare provider was undergoing an extensive digital transformation within their Medicaid business unit. The client needed more than just a basic communications plan; they also needed a comprehensive change management approach and help with execution, to ensure stakeholders were ready to adapt to significant change. We built and executed a change management plan that included communications, training, and leadership and stakeholder engagement.

The Solution

Our approach combined change management, project management, and technical expertise. We ensured that key leadership stakeholders were part of the initial planning process, and they in effect became change champions within the organization. Our team conducted interviews to gather “lessons learned” feedback from previous technology changes, as well as to understand what end-users needed. This tailored approach allowed us to go beyond the basics of only taking pieces of the change into account and focus on ensuring a long-term solution for the client. We also provided specific sessions targeted toward end users with information unique to their roles.

The Results

  • Awareness was increased from the end user perspective, enhancing usability, acceptance, and excitement for the transformation execution.
  • Because Aspirant owned the entire change management process, the client was able to better focus on other components of a successful digital transformation for their business unit.
  • Change management materials such as communications, roadshow presentations, and training agendas were developed, that the client can leverage for future initiatives.
Melodi Helkowski is a Senior Consultant at Aspirant with a wide range of functional and technical skills. She is an experienced professional with the ability to work with others across various levels and disciplines, including executive, product, development, and QA teams. Melodi is an expert communicator and has proven success in customer relationship management. She is experienced in Agile software development methodologies and project management.

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