Marketing & Innovation

Focus on the Human Component to Maximize Impact

Our real-world expertise will help you overcome challenges at any stage of your marketing and / or innovation process. Whether you need to launch a new product, optimize your digital ecosystem, or reboot your innovation pipeline, we can support your organization at any level of engagement.

Michele Petruccelli

Vice President,
Marketing & Innovation Practice

“With decades of marketing expertise on our team, we enable strategic and executional excellence, by infusing human-centered design principles.”

Marketing & Innovation Capabilities

Aspirant Consulting: Marketing Strategy Optimization


  • Insight solutioning​
  • Market / competitive analysis
Aspirant Consulting: Marketing-driven Transformation


  • Human-centered design​
  • Agile development
Aspirant Consulting: Executional Excellence


  • Go-to-market / launch​
  • Content management
Aspirant Consulting: Customer Centric Approach
The customer is at the heart of all we do

Starting with the customer, we ensure a thorough understand of the market context and marry that with deep customer insight before we delve into developing strong branding elements and help you to develop a strong brand strategy and compelling brand proposition.

Journey Mapping is an indispensable tool within our human-centered approach.  When composed properly, it analyzes what stakeholders are doing, thinking and feeling to reveal the most impactful opportunities to drive growth.

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Customer / Consumer Immersion

Market Enabler Identification

Moment of Truth Isolation

Aspirant Consulting: Journey Mapping Image

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