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Strengthen Tactical Execution to Achieve Strategic Goals

The strategic planning process enables an organization to establish its priorities. Their ability to deliver on those goals and objectives will be dictated by the alignment and execution of supporting tactics. Not every company has both the capability and the capacity to provide as much oversight on that front as they would like. Aspirant’s certified program and project management experts help clients achieve their strategic vision by implementing and leading an actionable plan for getting it done.

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“We collaborate closely with client leaders and organizational stakeholders to understand their business and develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Program & Project Leadership Capabilities

Adoption of Agile Methodology

Adoption of Agile

Install an Agile framework in place of a dated, less flexible Waterfall methodology. Consider a hybrid structure as a stop-gap solution that initiates the transition while limiting disruptions.

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Tactical Alignment with Strategic Plan

Tactical Alignment with Strategic Plan

Compare potential projects with those already underway, based on their synergy with the strategic plan. Prioritize resource allocation for initiatives directly linked to goals and objectives.

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Program Management Office (PMO)

PMO / Program Management

Utilize our AI-powered assessments to evaluate the current state and revise ways of working. Stand up a program management office strengthened by subject matter expertise.

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Project Lifecycle Management

Project Life Cycle

Access supplemental project manager horsepower to accelerate urgent or high-visibility deliverables without the time or commitment of recruiting additional headcount.

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PMO Consulting Services
Free Agile Transformation Consultation

Is your organization struggling to adopt agile? Request a free consultation from one of our Program & Project Leadership experts to determine how we can help!

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Adoption of Agile Methodology

Whether an organization seeks improvement over Waterfall project management or the creation of new ways of working, an Agile methodology is typically the right tool for the job. It establishes formality and rigor but also affords flexibility to accommodate circumstances with more ambiguity. Explanations and tips for how to implement agile project management are readily available from any number of online sources, but few companies are willing to take on the risk of managing that transition internally.

Aspirant's certified experts have a track record of leading agile transformation initiatives for companies of varying sizes, complexities, and industries. This requires a functional, practical understanding of applying these methods, including driving adoption through integrated services such as digital transformation and change management.

We call on an intimate understanding of agile methodologies to help clients enable the people, process, and technology needed for long term success.

   Case-specific evaluations of Agile vs Waterfall
   Agile methodology enablement
   Agile / Waterfall hybrid program design
   Leadership of cultural shifts and organizational change   

Tactical Alignment with Strategic Plan

A direct linkage must be maintained between business strategy and tactical execution in order for organizational goals to be achieved. Project management is needed to allocate time, money, and other resources accordingly. Even if there were internal volunteers willing and able to take this on, competing priorities or organizational politics might cloud their judgement.

A more sustainable option is to mitigate that risk by using a qualified, impartial third party. We apply a holistic approach to program evaluation as part of establishing more informed resource planning and project risk management.

Aspirant provides oversight that helps clients ensure strategic continuity, fueling the realization of their company vision.

   Auditing of strategic alignment
   Project prioritization, rationalization, and right-sizing

PMO / Program Management

Centralized program management tends to be a key differentiator for companies that consistently outperform their peers. A centralized project management office (PMO) establishes operating standards and drives accountability amongst delivery teams. This efficiency increases the potential impact to broader organization, but requires dedicated work streams to operate properly.

Aspirant utilizes proprietary AI-powered assessments to evaluate existing program manager capabilities and PMO infrastructure against what is needed. We then collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to develop operational methods and governance measures to close the identified gaps. Using Agile principles, we help clients lead change management to embed fresh ways of working.

Our holistic approach to management consulting includes supporting the enablement of core competencies that will generate sustainable success.

   Project management / program management assessments
   Process and organizational design
   PMO set up / implementation of new project management systems
   Integrated industry and functional expertise

Project Life Cycle Management

Deadlines, external or self-imposed, are a necessary evil of the business world. And they rarely afford as much time as we would like. Each cycle brings another big push to boost immediate results. However, internal means for making a meaningful difference are hard to come by.

Aspirant helps clients meet short-term goals by providing incremental project manager support. These professionals have the expertise to lead the project management process end-to-end, or take on any specific portion of the project life cycle.

   Interim / ad hoc project management
   Strategic project leadership

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