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Organizational Alignment by Revitalizing Client's Portfolio

Strategy & Delivery

The Challenge

Our client, is a diversified healthcare partner serving over 6.7 million members through their health insurance, dental, vision, and reinsurance products. They were undergoing major transformations to several business units and technology platforms across the enterprise.


Executive leadership was making decisions in silos and one-off scenarios. This lead to unclear paths to domains and work streams or the true business value delivered throughout the transformation life cycles. Strategic planning and portfolio management processes struggled to ensure that transformations were delivering the desired future states.

The Solution

Aspirant Strategy & Transformation developed a playbook for an integrated transformation roadmap to maintain a comprehensive line of sight on the business values and key milestones for the major work streams. The playbook detailed the visualization methodologies, the stand-up and maintenance governances, and standardized documentation, nomenclature, and taxonomy for the transformation initiatives. The team then iteratively customized the roadmap with the client to ensure clear visualizations, complete tracking of dependencies, and ease of use. Finally, the client and leadership were trained on operating rhythm and roadmap use to maximize collaboration.

The Results

  • With a clear line of sight across 65+ initiatives totaling >$250M/yr, executive leadership was able to articulate transformation goals and roadblocks, improving buy-in and resource planning.
  • Robust governance, operating cadences, and nomenclature strengthened organizational alignment for 50+ leaders across the business.
  • Comprehensive training and detailed strategic documentation enabled the client to operate the integrated transformation roadmap and incorporate it into strategic planning and portfolio management processes to capture the full value of the transformations.
Alexandra is a passionate and driven transformation leader responsible for challenging existing norms, leading change initiatives, and delivering projects on time and within budget. She is focused on continuous improvement, cross-functional communication, and cooperation between functions to maximize organizational opportunity and profitability. She has a track record of achievement in leveraging technology to optimize business performance and driving results through software implementation and metric development.

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