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Mike Youhouse

Managing Director,
Technology Strategy & Execution

“We're committed to guiding you towards success, as well as actively implementing technology solutions that bring your strategic goals to life.

Tech Strategy & Execution Capabilities

Technology Strategy & Roadmap

Tech Strategy & Roadmapping

We collaborate with stakeholders to understand your company's strategic goals, assess tech shortcomings in current platform, and provide a prioritized improvement roadmap.

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Transition Plan Execution

Technology Solution Planning

Helping you make smart decisions on what to build, buy, or upgrade by understanding your needs, researching the market, comparing vendors, and offering clear recommendations.

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Governance of Software Platforms

Technology Solution Delivery

Bridging the gap between your company and technology solution vendors, our goal is to ensure that the implementation and adoption of new technology solutions align with the business's objectives.

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Adoption of Agile Methodology

PMO Department Setup

Optimize your organization’s project success rates by utilizing our PMO framework, governance, processes, and templates based on industry best practices.

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Expertise from Strategy to Implementation

In the journey of establishing their new direct-to-consumer brand, Tailored Pet Nutrition (TPN) joined forces with Aspirant to synchronize their business objectives with technology solutions. We developed a strategy, identified E-Commerce and ERP platforms, designed an implementation roadmap, and led the seamless integration to existing warehouse and financial systems. Dive into our case study video for insights into our approach and success.

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Capability Details

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Technology Strategy & Roadmap

A strategic plan is only as effective as a company's ability to reach the desired goals. These targets are intentionally challenging and require significantly stronger performance to achieve. Technology is often the first place business leaders look in the search for growth, and rightfully so. Digital tools are proven to be a force multiplier in driving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. There seems to be a solution for every industry and niche use case. However, finding and embedding the right platforms from all those on the market can be overwhelming.

No matter the maturity of your existing technology stack, there is always opportunity for improvement. Our Technology Consulting experts will perform a detailed assessment of the current state, identify opportunities for improvement, recommend the ideal solutions, and create a roadmap for implementation.

Aspirant works with clients on developing an actionable plan for enabling the technology they need to reach short- and long-term business goals.


  • AI-powered analysis of the current state via Digital Discovery®
  • Mapping of business goals and capabilities to enabling technology
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement based on industry best practices
  • Plan for practical and sustainable implementation through a prioritized roadmap

Technology Solution Planning

Once a strategy and improvement roadmap are in place, excitement builds within the organization to start recognizing the benefits. There is pressure to choose technology platforms and start the migration. But which platform is best for your organization? Will the new platform handle the customizations needed to meet the business goals and processes? Which platform will be the best to evolve as the business grows? With so many options in the market all claiming to be the best, it can be very overwhelming. Aspirant Technology Consultants have vast experience across ERP, CRM, PLM, HRIS, Project Management, and analytics software.

Aspirant guides the build/buy/upgrade decision to give clients confidence in their technology investment.


  • Identify current state and desired future state capabilities for the technology
  • Assess market-leading vendors across a multitude of factors, including ability to deliver desired future state capabilities, purchase cost, operational cost, ease of customization, and service agreements
  • Provide a recommendation of the best wholistic options for the organization in the short and long term

Technology Solution Delivery

Before, during, and after implementation of a new technology, there are often gaps between the business and the technology vendor. The business does not understand the coding and the options available in the platform. The vendor does not understand the client’s business processes and may not dive deep enough to provide an optimal solution. And just because a solution is implemented, does not mean that the employees are fully utilizing it. Adoption of the new tool can be difficult, especially if it does not help the employees do their jobs easier and faster out of the box.

Aspirant’s Technology Consultants live in the gap between the business and the technology vendor. We will deeply understand the business processes and turn those into prioritized requirements for the vendor. We speak the language of both companies, allowing for a smooth execution that brings value to the organization and the individual employees.

We collaborate closely with clients on the successful execution of digital transformation plans that are tailored to their unique needs.


  • Vendor management to ensure on-time delivery that meets requirements
  • Change management to guide the organization through adoption and training
  • Agile project leadership to guide all aspects of the implementation

Project Management Office (PMO) Department Setup

With many transformational projects in process, an organization can start to slow from the very projects that are supposed to help them grow.  Priorities are not aligned, resources are overwhelmed, and there is little transparency to leadership to make the critical decisions necessary.  A Project Management Office (PMO) provides the structure, standards, governance, and metrics to the organization, aligning leaders to the work happening on a daily basis. Leaders gain the visibility needed to run the organization, and employees gain empowered accountability for their projects. Aspirant consultants have set up and led PMO’s, giving them firsthand insight into the pains of the organization.

Aspirant can establish a PMO that is customized to the client’s organization, providing the right amount of oversight without being burdensome.


  • Governance oversight for leadership
  • Standardized processes for consistent project execution
  • Prioritized portfolios of opportunities for agile value optimization
  • KPI monitoring and reporting to ensure success

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