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Breaking Barriers: Fast-tracking Tech Transformation

Technology Strategy & Execution

May 14, 2024

Breaking Barriers: Fast-tracking Tech Transformation

The Challenge

One of the world’s largest bedding manufacturers was attempting to initiate several technology transformation projects simultaneously (ERP, CRM, and PLM).


However, due to limited resources in their IT and business teams, little to no progress was made after 2.5 years. Aspirant was tasked with getting the client initiatives back on track.

The Solution

With extensive experience in software implementation and project management, Aspirant’s team was able to quickly form a two-phased approach.


Initially, we conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify root causes, followed by curating a demand and intake delivery process with an emphasis on increasing IT and business teams collaboration. Subsequently, we implemented a robust project governance model to heighten visibility of project risks, ensuring timely mitigation.


In the second phase, we built a roadmap with a clear scope, priority, and timeline, while also instituting QA practices and documenting requirements. Finally, we orchestrated and conducted a comprehensive multi-model training program.

The Results

In just 2 months, we defined, developed, tested, and trained teams to adopt major functionality that spanned teams across the U.S., China, and El Salvador.

Change awareness was raised across the entire organization, realizing operational savings of 250+ hours per month.

Experienced manager driving business strategies with innovative solutions. Excels in tech assessments, process improvements, digital transformations, & mentoring.

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