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Digital Transformation

Embed Tech and Processes that Unlock Operational Efficiency

Digital Transformation is typically considered in terms of implementing new enterprise systems, however it has just as much to do with human dynamics as software. An organization must optimize how its people and processes utilize that technology to perform at its best. With those components in place, a company can improve its internal collaboration, customer satisfaction, and achievement of strategic goals.

Tim Nath

Vice President,
Technology Consulting

“Fully integrating technology into your ways of working will enable strategic and tactical agility that boosts organizational performance.”

Digital Transformation Capabilities

Digital Solutions Planning

Digital Solutions Planning

Identify the shortcomings of legacy systems and methods relative to business goals. Develop a plan for utilizing technology to shore up operational infrastructure.


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Transition Plan Execution

Transition Plan Execution

Successfully deliver the strategic plan by optimizing people, process, and technology. Galvanize cross-functional collaboration to Improve efficiency and organizational performance.

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Governance of Software Platforms

Tech & Process

Provide teams with the best practices, training, and support that establish tech-enabled processes as a sustainable competitive advantage.


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Adoption of Agile Methodology

Adoption of Agile Methodology

Install an Agile methodology in place of a dated, less flexible Waterfall approach. Translate customer needs into improved product features that directly support business objectives.

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Technology Implementation

Our approach encompasses all elements of the Digital Transformation.

Understand how they see you, the value you could be delivering to them; and other areas of opportunity.

Build your Digital Strategy around customer experience and align it to your goals and objectives.

Define your vision and align it to your strategic goals, develop the roadmap and engage delivery.

Incrementally build, test, and release product versions and provide customer support.

Build an organization of high-performing, autonomous teams who are empowered to innovate, build, make decisions, fail fast, and learn.

Process & Data
Build value-added products using agile processes that support innovation, flexibility, collaboration, and adaptability. Scale across your organization, and leverage data to generate insights for continuous improvement.

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Capability Details

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Digital Solutions Planning

A strategic plan is only as effective as a company's ability to reach the desired goals. These targets are intentionally challenging and require significantly stronger performance to achieve. Technology is often the first place business leaders look in the search for growth, and rightfully so. Digital tools are proven to be a force multiplier in driving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. There seem to be a solution for every industry and niche use case. However, finding and embedding the right platforms from all those on the market can be overwhemling.

By evaulating the existing tech stack and how it is used, our Digital Transformation experts identify opportunities for improvement, recommend the ideal solutions, and map out the process for making those transitions.

Aspirant works with clients on developing an actionable plan for enabling the infrastructure they need to reach short and long term business goals.

   AI-powered analysis of the current state
   Identification and prioritization of opportunities for improvement
   Translation of business goal achievement into an executable delivery roadmap
      -    Defining processes
      -    Documenting best practices
      -    Establishing governance measures

Transition Plan Execution

Investments in technology can be the most impactful to employees, business performance, and profitability. These benefits can only be realized by organizations that fully integrate the available functionality into their operations. Optimizing this intersection of people, process, and technology is the key to unlocking incremental performance. Despite the potential upside, there is always resistance to replacing legacy systems and ways of working.

As an impartial external partner, Aspirant proactively seeks input from teams as part of designing methods for gaining buy-in and eliminating the potential for technical debt.

We collaborate closely with clients on the successful implementation digital transformation plans that are tailored to their unique needs.

   Change management
   Transitional Agile project leadership
Creation and administration of project management office (PMO)

   Facilitation of cross-functional cooperation

Technology & Process Enablement

Continued oversight is critical to the long-term success of any digital transformation effort. Proper measures for governance will enable risk management and ensure organizational compliance, but finding people with the capacity and willingness to accept that ongoing accountability is typically very difficult.

Bolstering in-house teams with experts from a trusted strategic partner will provide the needed supervision while avoiding meaningful distration from their core responsibilities.

Aspirant can supply the supplemental resources to work in collaboration, or in parallel, with client teams to ensure all systems and processes operate as designed.

   KPI monitoring and reporting
   Governance leadership and mediation
   Optimziation of digital platform usage

Adoption of Agile Methodology

Whether an organization seeks improvement over Waterfall project management or the creation of new ways of working, an Agile methodology is typically the right tool for the job. It establishes formality and rigor but also affords flexibility to accommodate circumstances with more ambiguity. Explanations and tips for how to implement agile project management are readily available from any number of online sources, but few companies are willing to take on the risk of managing that transition internally.

Aspirant's certified experts have a track record of leading agile transformation initiatives for companies of varying sizes, complexities, and industries. This requires a functional, practical understanding of applying these methods, including driving adoption through integrated services such as digital transformation and change management.

We call on an intimate understanding of agile methodologies to help clients enable the people, process, and technology needed for long term success.

   Case-specific evaluations of Agile vs Waterfall
   Agile methodology enablement
   Agile / Waterfall hybrid program design
   Leadership of cultural shifts and organizational change

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