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Organization Roadmap Leads to Optimization Development

Organizational Effectiveness

September 20, 2018

Organization Roadmap Leads to Optimization Development

The Challenge

Our client was a national diversified healthcare partner, serving over 5.2 million members through their health insurance, dental, vision, and reinsurance products. Problems impacted multiple functions due to unclear ownership responsibility, and communication with sales, product, or other upstream customer areas was fragmented. This resulted in significant inefficiencies in how operations brought resolution to issues, and how they provided impact assessments of new product ideas or market strategies.

The Solution

Through initial discovery and design sessions with our client, we formalized the overall mission, vision, and key objectives of the organization. Next, we defined the key service offerings needed for the organization to achieve these objectives together with the necessary skillsets and supporting team structure. Our work culminated in providing our client with a detailed project-level roadmap that outlined the activities necessary to stand up and ultimately optimize the new organization.

The Results

  • Clear definition of the new organization’s mission, vision, and key objectives, which formalized its purpose for being and value proposition to entire enterprise.
  • Comprehensive organizational models, including workflow process and interaction flows, role and responsibility definition and job descriptions, and KPI and service metric recommendations.     
  • Detailed organization roadmap that provided an achievable plan for the implementation and optimization of the organization.
Judy partners with executives and leadership teams to engage and inspire employees in a way that delivers sustainable strategic results. She brings deep expertise and creative ideas to solve organizational effectiveness issues and closely collaborates in a way that builds internal capabilities. Judy has spent over 25 years consulting in a variety of industries, bringing her expertise in behavior to a wide range of organizational issues including organizational behavior change, leadership, change management, culture and engagement.

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