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Strengthening Design Thinking Through Modular Training

Marketing & Innovation

The Challenge

A large global healthcare device and product company saw a challenge in consistently achieving high levels of human-centered innovation throughout the organization and asked us to help. There was a base Design Thinking approach in existence that had been customized for the business, but it was underutilized and undervalued. In addition, previous training attempts had failed to yield real behavior change in the organization.

The Solution

Since travel was not an option, we centrally developed an eight-module capability development program, including frameworks, case studies, inspirational videos, tips and tools, and support materials. One key element was the use of storytelling. We kicked the program off with a virtual event and empowered the local markets to own and embed the program with central support. We also supported the virtual co-creation of a global workbook with examples to support the effort.

The Results

  • Increased engagement and excitement about client’s version of Design Thinking at each design studio around the world as well as local ownership and empowerment.
  • Increased usage and strengthening of Design Thinking, sharing of best practice examples, and embedding of the program.
  • Achieved goal of a consistent design language, approach, and tools to be used globally but deployed and implemented locally.
  • Realization of value of and achieved buy-in to the value of Design Thinking and the ways to apply it.
Michele is Aspirant's Director of Marketing & Innovation, and is a senior marketer and facilitator with 25 years of extensive experience in brand management, strategy development, Design Thinking, and innovation. She works with various corporations and non-profit businesses as a consultant to help them grow their business through strong strategy, marketing plans, and skills development. She has worked with companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 1000 as well as mid-sized companies in a range of industries, with a focus on healthcare.

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