Optimizing Organizational Structure

Organizational Effectiveness

June 10, 2024

Optimizing Organizational Structure

The Challenge

A clinical trials cooperative foundation needed a new approach to its organizational structure, specifically within its finance department. Due to role vacancies, personnel changes, and other staffing decisions, the department was not functioning optimally. Many members of the department felt overworked and underappreciated; this, along with other factors, was cause for a high risk of employee turnover and key knowledge loss. Additionally, leadership and staff were not aligned on a strong set of goals and values.

The Solution

We worked with the foundation’s leadership to workshop an improved company mission and a set of goals and values to roll out across the organization. Next, we individually interviewed 20+ employees from leadership, finance, and other departments to better understand common pain points. Through this, we were able to create an organizational structure for the finance department; this included our recommended restructuring of the department, complete with job descriptions, salary benchmarks, and opportunities for progression within roles and the department.

The Results

  • Created an improved organizational structure for the finance department, including the promotion of three individuals
  • Enabled growth opportunities within roles and enhanced intradepartmental collaboration
  • Evaluated specific skills and/or experiences required for a particular role, created benchmarks for career progression, and developed job descriptions for each finance role
  • Analyzed company-wide challenges impacting the employee experience beyond just finance
Lauren is a knowledgeable technology consultant with a background in data analytics, marketing technology, and large-scale technology implementations. She is an experienced Product Manager with a detail-oriented and organized approach to delivery. Lauren is interested in expanding upon her analytical capabilities to derive data-driven insights for stakeholders.​

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