Talent Acquisition (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Transform Recruiting into a Competitive Advantage

Aspirant provides customized RPO recruiting programs that close the gap between an organization's recruiting needs and what they are able to accomplish on their own. Finding the right partner among a sea of recruitment process outsourcing companies is intimidating. Simply put, we have developed an approach to RPO staffing that is more efficient and effective. This translates to stronger value for our clients and a better hiring experience for their candidates.

Patty Silbert

Executive Vice President,
Talent Acquisition (RPO)

Recruiting heavily determines which companies excel, and the competition for top talent is as heated as ever. Let us help you implement a winning game plan.

Talent Acquisition:
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Enterprise RPO Recruiting

RPO Recruiting

Offload candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and on-boarding with a tailored program that will integrate seamlessly.

Project RPO Recruiting

RPO Recruiting

Land the talent needed to build out new groups with supplemental resources that enable HR to stay focused on other priorities.

Employer Branding (EVP)

Branding (EVP)

Accelerate time-to-fill by energizing job seekers with a compelling illustration of a uniquely rewarding employee experience.

RPOA Storytelling Webinar Transforming Recruiting (1)

Use a marketing mindset to improve hiring.

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) invited us to lead a recent session for their Leadership Forum, where Patty and Alicia talked through the impact storytelling can have on recruiting.
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Why outsource recruiting?

Here are four not-so-obvious reasons companies turn to RPO recruiting to help them attract the talent their business needs.

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