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Strategic Plans Grow the Organizational Vision

Strategy & Delivery

The Challenge

A large, non-profit healthcare company took control of a capability enhancement and shared services group; five leaders were pushed together that do common work but weren’t aligned. Their work streams were connected but not collaborating per the client’s value and mission statement. Aspirant was tasked with bringing the leaders together and producing a strategy for team collaboration.

The Solution

Aspirant developed tailored and specific strategic plans for each of the five leaders within the group, each of which fed into a new, larger strategic vision, which our team also developed.


We continued working with Vice Presidents to establish goals, initiatives, and governance that supported their vision. Once the plans were fully formed, we reviewed them with the primary contact to ascertain common themes and create an overall strategic mission to drive value and deliver excellence.

The Results

  • Created granular roadmaps associated with a timeline for each of their organizations within the larger company.
  • Adoption of the strategic plans and newly launched activities led to a positive, conceptual shift in the organization for daily operations.
  • Provided initial KPIs for leading and lagging measures that led to further internal refinement.
  • Provided a three-year strategic plan and showed the potential benefits of having 94% adoption by the end of the plan, complete with traceability from objective to organizational vision.
David is a results-oriented Operations Improvement Leader with 10+ years of hands-on progressive experience in the Financial Service, Health Care, Professional Services, Utilities, and Non-Profit industries. He has proven successful in achieving enterprise-wide transformation goals and focuses on the delivery of business and customer value, improving quality, and developing leader capabilities across organizations.

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