Operational Transformation: The Science Behind our Partnership

Marketing & Innovation

The Challenge

The US operating model for a multinational pharmaceutical company was transitioning from separate disease states to three service pillars (marketing, product, and customer experience). Because of our proven experience and program and change management, Aspirant was asked to organize the operational transformation for the Neuroscience disease state, the first mover into the new operating model. This included:

  • A foundational phase to build updated sales capabilities to transition to a new model.
  • An execution phase to make executive communication announcements and identify impact to business segments.
  • An implementation phase for developing and applying trainings for national meetings and live workshops.

The Solution

We began with helping one franchise organize their sales team on a national level, including resource  allocation (collapsing two sales teams into one), people operations (HR), and communications, which led into training development and playbooks.


We realized that their new sales process was not efficiently organized, so we developed customer-focused capabilities to be more collaborative. In conjunction with new sales capabilities, we built a playbook for cross-functional collaboration best practices. Using our playbook, we transitioned the client’s neuroscience team into a new operating  model, which is now used with different franchises to help push institutional change.

The Results

  • Roll-out and implementation of the new plan was so successful that it was then applied as a best practice across other franchises.
  • The playbook, which drove efficiency and collaboration, has been socialized across the organization and used as a framework for other organizational playbooks.
Maria’s professional experience includes driving business strategy, stakeholder engagement, and program management. She has a diverse background, including co-creation in healthcare, program management, and product management. Maria is known to work collaboratively with diverse client populations and cross-functional teams to provide exceptional service to key stakeholders. Through her dynamic skillset, Maria can identify and analyze problems to provide sustainable strategies for business growth.

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