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The Challenge

A $500 million brand management team was short staffed and looking for an approach to effectively manage multiple agencies to effectively develop a brief and drive agency coordination. With several agencies that included creative, digital, social, PR, media planning, TV, and print, there were disparate approaches. It was critical to develop and execute an approach that was coordinated and encouraged communication and collaboration among all entities.

The Solution

We created an effective process to manage the multiple agencies and established an atmosphere of collaboration that ensured all agencies understood the brand purpose, collaborated on the reason to believe in the promise of the brand, and aligned on the strategy. The coordinated approach and ensured alignment provided avenues for feedback and got otherwise competing agencies working as collaborative partners. Using friendly competition, we invigorated and empowered agencies to bring forth their best creative ideas.

The Results

  • Developed and led a best practice process for interagency collaboration focused on interactive workshops and emphasized ways of collaboratively executing brand activities.
  • Established process for agencies to visualize brand benefits and develop an effective brief.
  • Created collaborative, coordinated agency partnerships, and launched interagency teams.
  • Established agency feedback channels.
  • Provided support to a short-handed brand team.
Michele is Aspirant's Director of Marketing & Innovation, and is a senior marketer and facilitator with 25 years of extensive experience in brand management, strategy development, Design Thinking, and innovation. She works with various corporations and non-profit businesses as a consultant to help them grow their business through strong strategy, marketing plans, and skills development. She has worked with companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 1000 as well as mid-sized companies in a range of industries, with a focus on healthcare.

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