Automated Data Processing Accelerates Go-to-Market Time

Marketing & Innovation

The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical corporation was undergoing transitioning to a new marketing strategy, but faced operational and technical challenges that led to delays in their go-to-market time. The initial process was largely manual with no efficiencies in place, leading to a frustrating user experience for internal and external teams.


Project oversight was being managed through a multi-tab, complex excel spreadsheet, capturing large amounts of data feeding into various downstream systems. Manual data entry and misuse of the spreadsheet resulted in data security risk and downstream ingestion errors, causing up to 2-week delays for campaigns.

The Solution

By taking an integrated approach, combining expertise from Aspirant’s management and technology consulting practices, we digitally transformed the client’s data entry and management process using PowerApps and Power Automate, which was then deployed via Teams.


Through a 12-week initiative, data validation issues were resolved and further efficiencies were generated to produce an enhanced user experience. This intuitive solution was deployed for use both internally and externally, bolstering our client’s partnership with their external partners. Upon Aspirant departure, this was transitioned fully to client ownership.

The Results

  • With data error delays eradicated, the average campaign go-to-market was reduced by 4-6 days.
  • Early value analysis showed an annual savings of approximately $1.2MM and a 36% time reduction.
  • Processes were restructured; instead of adding costly manpower to the problem, leaner teams were working with increased efficiency.
  • The solution functioned within a more secure and stable environment, with increased data security.
  • Additional benefits included a ticketing support system, governance, and oversight.
Anjilena is a creative and thoughtful strategic problem-solver with a strong affinity for innovation. Her professional experience is rooted in global pharmacovigilance strategic program management. Anjilena is motivated to drive culture, productivity, and efficiency goals through proactive strategies and leadership.

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