Increased Leadership Capacity Leads to Improved Culture

Organizational Effectiveness

December 24, 2018

Increased Leadership Capacity Leads to Improved Culture

The Challenge

Despite retaining hardworking employees, the company lacked a culture of ownership and commitment. Hard work alone did not guarantee an employee consistently delivered on commitments, nor did it indicate the employee clearly understood the impact their own performance had on overall business results. In order to achieve the true change in culture needed to meet strategic objectives, the company had to realize behavior change at all levels, starting with leadership.

The Solution

Team leaders first defined and quantified goals that would unify the business and drive performance. Management systems were then leveraged to institute a measurable approach for leaders to gauge progress on each priority, provide feedback within and across teams, and recognize positive results. Lastly, coaching activities were held to further develop leadership skills and business acumen, break down collaboration barriers, and ultimately refocus the entire organization on desired results and an increased leadership capacity.

The Results

  • A 31:1 return on investment that brought the company back on track for a sustainable future.
  • Improved business performance, measured by key cost savings in production and maintenance.
  • A tangible and positive shift in culture, marked by improved organizational discipline, ownership, and focus on desired business results.
  • Improved business acumen and a better understanding of the company’s business strategy from leaders.
  • Lowered barriers between functions through increased communication.
Judy partners with executives and leadership teams to engage and inspire employees in a way that delivers sustainable strategic results. She brings deep expertise and creative ideas to solve organizational effectiveness issues and closely collaborates in a way that builds internal capabilities. Judy has spent over 25 years consulting in a variety of industries, bringing her expertise in behavior to a wide range of organizational issues including organizational behavior change, leadership, change management, culture and engagement.

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