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Developing MDM for Retailer

App Development & Integration

The Challenge

In an effort to transform into an omni-channel retailer, our client, an international retailer, recognized their dependence on clean, well-structured data.  But with a history of unclear data ownership and poor maintenance procedures, data was inconsistent and unreliable.  Additionally, knowledge of the processes and data flows existed in siloed pockets throughout the organization.  We were asked to help develop an approach for the client to address their data quality issues and position them for a successful implementation of a Master Data Management (MDM) solution.   

The Solution

Our team worked closely with the client to first understand stakeholder input and capture the current state of how data flowed throughout their enterprise system architecture.  Leveraging this input, the team next developed a series of recommendations around data governance, architecture, and process automation that positioned the client to pursue a 4-phased approach to standing up and developing an MDM solution.

The Results

  • Current state documentation of the system architecture diagrams and data dictionary.
  • Data scorecard to drive key business value metrics to benchmark efforts of the transformation.
  • Data governance strategy which had been aligned among the leadership team.
  • Project roadmap providing an achievable plan for executing their MDM vision.
Joe is the Director of Digital Discovery. He focuses on business strategy and operational excellence. He has a background in finance / management and has immersed himself in the world of data science and Artificial Intelligence.

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