Company Intranet Redesign for Nuclear Power Client

App Development & Integration, Organizational Effectiveness

The Challenge

A nuclear power company needed to update a critical internal communication tool — their company intranet — for a specific department within the organization. The current intranet was not constructed in a way that promoted the and successes, which was particularly important because the department was responsible for driving the company’s overall innovation efforts. Further, lack of transparency was giving the impression that the department, as well as innovation efforts at the company, were black boxes, and that money was being funneled in with little results.

The Solution

Because the intranet was not being used as an effective communication channel, this meant a complete internal site redesign was needed. Aspirant redesigned the process and navigation flow after critical changes were made in the organization. Transparency was increased regarding processes and sub-departments by conducting needs analyses and subsequently creating necessary subpages, processes, and workflows linked to key actionable items in the intranet. Moreover, internal stakeholders could also now be engaged and become accessible across the company.

The Results

  • Increased clarity and alignment on departmental value and  process organization-wide.
  • The new intranet served as a source of truth to learn not just about the organizational goals and processes, but also what resources users would need to be successful.
  • Project portfolios were posted, updated, and communicated to potential users.
  • New ideas for collaboration and innovation were now being submitted, increasing user engagement.
  • Due to the overwhelming success of the project, the intranet redesign was submitted for an award.
Lisa is a results-driven strategist whose expertise lies in helping clients architect solutions to increase effectiveness and collaboration within their organizations. With a background in industrial-organizational psychology and statistical analysis, she excels in leveraging data to tell and address her clients’ unique stories. Lisa is a Certified Professional in Talent Development.

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