January 25, 2023

RPO Solution Checklist

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In a saturated market of recruiting solutions, how do you make sure you’re choosing the right partner to support your talent goals? 

We thought the following questions would be helpful when it comes time to make your decision.


Does Your RPO Solution …


  1. Enrich the candidate's experience? 

  2. Transform your process through HR technology?

  3. Improve your hiring outcomes? 

  4. Simplify the process to engage with candidates? 

  5. Embody your organization’s values, mission, and culture? 

  6. Elevate your employer brand throughout the recruitment process? 

  7. Bring you top talent?

  8. Create a holistic talent strategy?

  9. Support decision-making with industry intelligence data? 

  10. Continuously optimize your sourcing funnel and build talent pipelines? 

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Executive VP of RPO recruiting, Patty solves client talent acquisition challenges through innovative solutions that enable companies to attract top talent. Her experience includes recruitment marketing strategy, employment branding, HR technology implementations, research, and project management. Patty was the visionary for building a talent attraction platform (ACTIVATE) that leading organizations use to improve the candidate experience by transforming career sites into highly effective search engine optimized sites. 

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