Roadmap and Training Helps Employees Understand New Roles

Organizational Effectiveness

February 28, 2023

Roadmap and Training Helps Employees Understand New Roles

The Challenge

A large, multinational pharmaceutical corporation was undergoing departmental changes, resulting in discrepancies in role descriptions and misunderstandings. The client required clarity and specified trainings to help people understand their new roles. Aspirant was challenged with developing personal learning journeys and personas to help guide learning pathways. The client wanted to create a personalized experience, but still have it occur in a group setting.

The Solution

Aspirant created tailored e-learnings, as well as a roadmap of trainings to help people understand their new roles. The e-learnings allowed people to navigate through their own personal journey instead of just signing into standardized online learning. Once e-learnings and learning paths were established, we also went a step further to create a single source of truth to reduce communication issues. This resulted in creating specific curricula, providing as-needed training, and developing a SharePoint site to provide greater clarity to specific roles.

The Results

  • Build trust and clarity for people taking on new roles via strong and centralized communications.
  • The SharePoint site has been identified as a best-in-class solution across the organization and is now used company-wide as a single source of truth to learn about what is happening with the transformation.
  • Additional departments within the organization want to duplicate this effort for their own clients.

Lisa is a results-driven strategist whose expertise lies in helping clients architect solutions to increase effectiveness and collaboration within their organizations. With a background in industrial-organizational psychology and statistical analysis, she excels in leveraging data to tell and address her clients’ unique stories. Lisa is a Certified Professional in Talent Development.

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