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Building the Next Generation of Leaders for a Nationwide Company

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

April 12, 2021

Building the Next Generation of Leaders for a Nationwide Company

The Challenge

For our client, a life insurance and financial services advisory to the ultra-affluent and corporate markets nationwide, helping its firms find and engage the next generation of diverse firm leaders was essential to maintaining their market position and ensuring future growth. A formalized training program had been developed and was ready to launch, and the client needed support to build the recruiting process, market the training and career opportunities, and source and recruit the consultative sales professionals that would fill and train for these roles.

The Solution

Aspirant entered into a partnership to provide outsourced solutions for recruiting and sourcing niche professionals to train for these consultative sales roles. Our onboarding  process allowed our team to gain a thorough understanding of the organization and the talent profiles, markets, and timing. We also heard the need to develop an employer brand and digital marketing strategy to build brand recognition, create awareness of the training program, and attract and engage potential candidates.


The Results

  • Within the first month of engagement, Aspirant developed the entire recruiting process, created and executed the employer brand, and delivered hiring training to 36 participating firms.
  • In addition, Aspirant launched a dedicated career site and curated and managed content for the insurance firm’s social media platforms as a way to engage candidates.
  • The partnership made the training program’s first year a successful one, filling the training sessions with newly hired advisors from 36 firms across the country.
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