March 1, 2023

Questions to Ask Before Application Integration

App Development & Integration

With any big project comes lots of questions. And regarding  application integration, there is an endless stream of questions from every direction. So, let's take a deep breath and look at the key questions you need to be able to answer before your next application integration project.

What’s the goal of your application integration? 

It would be best to have a clear vision and purpose to write requirements/user stories and understand the project's scope.  

  • Are you looking to streamline business processes/workflows?  
  • Improve data accuracy and consistency?  
  • Enhance existing functionality?


What're the most significant app integration pain points?

The biggest pain points can come in a few different forms.  

  • Complexity: Number of systems, locations, people, vendors, and technologies 
  • Data Mapping: Mapping data between different applications can be complex; analyze, identify, and document the process 
  • Security: Know the risks of integration of the applications - PII data, compliance Risks, authentication challenges.  

Once you've decided on the most significant pain points, communicate them to your application integration team in advance. Again, initially speaking up is essential to address these early in the app integration process.


Who will be affected most?

Application integration can significantly impact end-users, IT, business managers, and vendors. Therefore, it is essential to identify and address the concerns of all stakeholders to ensure that the integration is successful and delivers the intended benefits.


Who will manage your new system moving forward?

They will build and set up if you hire an outside company, like Aspirant, to handle your app integration. However, there are two more things to consider:  

  1. Who will manage the new system moving forward?

  2. Who will be your internal champion?  

Knowing these two things allow you to keep a clear line of communication when issues arise.


Ready to explore integration? Let's get started!

If your company currently uses multiple applications, and you think it'd be easier if they all talk to each other, then application integration is a great solution. At Aspirant, we have a team of skilled professionals with a wealth of experience integrating many applications to help businesses work more efficiently. 

 If you'd like to learn more about how we can helpfill out the form below to speak to our team of experts. We'd love to learn how we can help. 

Ryan has 18 years of experience managing, developing, and implementing enterprise business applications in the following sectors: pharmaceuticals, nuclear, consumer healthcare, education, information technology, and manufacturing.​

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