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Strategy & Delivery

The Challenge

Our client, $2.5 billion North American division of a global pharmaceutical and consumer products company, rapidly gained comprehensive input from its sales force to inform its long-term sales strategy. However, the company faced stiff competition from highly funded, well-known brands, which were determined to steal market share and sales. The client needed to develop a future-proof strategy that would help build its competitive advantage over the next three to five years.

The Solution

We utilized our AI-based, Digital Discovery® tool to rapidly interview over 200 sales representatives to gain their perspective on how the client could win in a challenging marketplace. Using machine-learning technology, the tool assimilated information from each interview. With support from Aspirant’s Marketing & Innovation team, we categorized and summarized results, performed sentiment analysis, and provided the consulting team with tangible insights to support final recommendations.

The Results

  • Delivery of core initiatives related to organizational agility, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.
  • Confirmation of key pain points and identification of new opportunities to inform strategic direction.
  • Increased engagement from the expert sales team, who saw their recommendations being put into action.
  • A high-level strategic roadmap centered with target initiatives related to organizational agility, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.
Mike is Aspirant's CEO, and a proven strategic leader in creating corporate visions and achieving their full value. He has delivered results across a spectrum of corporate and consulting leadership roles, and understands what organizations truly need to expedite change and deliver value faster. Mike’s unique combination of business experience in Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, Business Transformation, Technology, Capability Building and Culture Change enables him to provide a broadly informed viewpoint when solving enterprise problems or striving to take advantage of market opportunities. He serves as a key leader to bring the vision of Aspirant to life for clients across North America and the globe.

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