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Aligning Team Objectives to Core Values Impacts Savings

Organizational Effectiveness

The Challenge

A low-cost, high-quality healthcare plan grew rapidly during the pandemic and a new CEO was hired, who needed to cut costs. Additionally, with most of the team hired virtually during the height of COVID, he wanted to be able to bring the people together and solidify their voice.


An employee satisfaction survey validated that there was no sense of direction or alignment to core values and behaviors, that employees did not trust executive leadership, and that employees did not feel like they are part of the organization. The CEO wanted to do a leadership retreat to determine next steps in leadership development, how to build trust, and how to manage the emotional stress of the team.

The Solution

Aspirant led a series of workshops, including a “culture club committee” to bring voices from different areas around the organization. Our team co-created behaviors that the executive leadership wanted aligned with their core values. We discussed the specific goals and objectives for the coming year with the CEO and then presented our findings to the leadership team to add their voices to the results. Specified goals and objectives were collected, verified, and presented to the entire organization within the core values framework, solidifying expectations concerning behavior.

The Results

  • Team members could now succeed in their roles due to a more descriptive understanding of how to implement core values within their duties.
  • The cohesion and efficiencies gained resulted in a projected $8-10MM budget reduction based on membership.
  • Membership is anticipated to increase by 15% or more within the next year.
  • The process will allow them to stay as the preferred healthcare plan within their state.
Dr. Noriece is an Organizational Effectiveness professional with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources and healthcare industries. She is passionate about seeing organizations thrive and people reach their full potential.

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