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Elevating Customer Experience to Master a Shifting Market

Marketing & Innovation

The Challenge

A global healthtech company identified a strategic opportunity to elevate their customer’s experience. A changing market was slowly moving the customer away from the clinical superiority that the company has relied on for so long.  By identifying the new needs of the customers, the company would be able to retain their market leadership and grow. The Aspirant team was challenged to clearly define what a strong end-to-end customer experience should look like, demonstrate the impact of elevating customer experience within the company, and create a scalable, sustainable customer experience strategy and plan.

The Solution

Aspirant's Marketing & Innovation team took a two pronged approach to the research, examining the customer experience and the employee experience. Interviews and surveys with customers, influencers, and other vendors in the market identified a well-rounded view of the customer expectation. Internal interviews and surveys internally provided insights to where the customer experience could be enhanced. Digital Discovery, design thinking tools, and design thinking workshops were used to synthesize the data. This led to a customer experience strategy and related action plan for the company to implement.

The Results

  • Digital Discovery database of insights with over 275 new internal and 45 new external contributions for future reference and analysis.
  • Three personas, six journey maps, and a unique customer/employee integrated experience map, to visualize the customer’s end-to-end experience.
  • A customer experience strategy and action plan with fundamental drivers, quick wins, action committee, and three-year roadmap.
Michele is Aspirant's Director of Marketing & Innovation, and is a senior marketer and facilitator with 25 years of extensive experience in brand management, strategy development, Design Thinking, and innovation. She works with various corporations and non-profit businesses as a consultant to help them grow their business through strong strategy, marketing plans, and skills development. She has worked with companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 1000 as well as mid-sized companies in a range of industries, with a focus on healthcare.

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