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Aligning Portfolio Strategy with Transformational Program Management

Program & Project Leadership

The Challenge

Our client, a multinational conglomerate corporation, needed program management support to align a portfolio of transformational projects to the strategy of the organization. Aspirant was tasked with implementing dashboards, governance, and tracking to ensure that all projects and enablers stayed on-time.

The Solution

Aspirant assessed the current status and alignment of all projects in the portfolio. The project leads aligned on a roadmap of project completion, leading to more realistic timetables that linked between projects. Enablers were prioritized to ensure that all projects were building from the same capabilities. A governance process and dashboard were put in place to maintain alignment and progress.

The Results

  • Projects immediately gained traction due the portfolio being strategically aligned.
  • Time to execution shortened due to teams spending less time debating how their project fits into the larger strategy.
  • Enablers were able to get funding and prioritization to ensure that critical objectives were completed.
  • Leadership had more confidence in the teams and their progress from the increased transparency, increasing team morale.
Mike is a dedicated and passionate program management leader with over 15 years of experience leading international innovation, transformation, new product development, and cost savings programs. He excels at providing structure to teams in uncertain situations, allowing them to thrive and maximize their abilities. Mike has a track record of getting results while inspiring his teams with energy, positivity, and accountability. Utilizing innovation, VOC, design thinking, and agile project leadership, he helps teams think differently to understand customers’ problems in a new way.

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