Brand Planning Engages Global Teams

Marketing & Innovation

The Challenge

A world-leading global consumer healthcare business with a large brand portfolio lacked a consistent brand planning strategy and execution plan. A hired agency had curated brand content but the client needed to refine the strategy and design the future planning process. In addition, the brand planning was being implemented inconsistently due to gaps in the planning process. They needed a way to make their brand planning strategy work effectively and consistently across the company at a global level.

The Solution

We worked with cross-functional teams to better understand their current brand planning process and determine what worked and where there were opportunities for improvement. Based on the inputs, we designed a strategic approach for executing brand planning globally in a matrix organization. We worked with the teams to develop a best practice approach that worked for all categories. We optimized virtual technology to rollout the strategy via webinars, and effectively used interactive capabilities like virtual whiteboards and chat rooms to engage teams to ensure buy-in and process adoption.

The Results

  • Streamlined a standardized approach that worked for global and local teams and provided brand marketers with a consistent way to execute brand planning.
  • Built best practice brand planning templates.
  • Engaged teams early and often for better buy-in and adoption.
  • Showcased how to optimize the use of technology to effectively engage teams and rollout information globally.
Michele is Aspirant's Director of Marketing & Innovation, and is a senior marketer and facilitator with 25 years of extensive experience in brand management, strategy development, Design Thinking, and innovation. She works with various corporations and non-profit businesses as a consultant to help them grow their business through strong strategy, marketing plans, and skills development. She has worked with companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 1000 as well as mid-sized companies in a range of industries, with a focus on healthcare.

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