Using project portfolio, program, and project leadership best practices to deliver operational change and drive client success

The Challenge

After making a strategic decision to cancel a failing ERP implementation, a leading industrial absorbents company was looking to refocus key leaders and resources on initiatives that supported the strategic vision for the organization. Current processes permitted all project requests TO come through without review against strategic objectives or prioritization. As a result, backlogs were continuing to grow, resources were over-allocated, and key projects were not moving forward. 

The Solution

With the introduction of project portfolio, program, and PM best practices, along with the deployment of a team of senior consultants, Aspirant helped address a number of challenges by creating a portfolio of strategic projects for execution. We facilitated the organization’s key leaders through multiple streamlined workshops over a 6-week timeline to identify the strategic projects, define the projects, and prepare the organization for execution of the projects through a defined roadmap.

The Results

  • A prioritized portfolio of 12 strategic projects delivered in 6 weeks.
  • 12 strategic projects defined and chartered, including an estimation of resources required, resulting in a roadmap for execution.
  • Introduction of project portfolio and project management best practices to implement in the organization.
  • Leveraging of existing tools and resources to minimize costs.

Strategies to Help Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

It is a challenge as old as companies have been in existence: too many priorities and not enough time or people to execute them. And now, more than any time in history, companies either thrive and evolve or quickly fall behind.