May 28, 2018

What Are Your Company's Employee Engagement Programs?

Organizational Effectiveness

Have you thought about this question? Do you know the answer? If so, do you know if they are working?

Employee Engagement Programs: Commitment or Going through the Motions

Most companies have some sort of employee engagement program in place, but not every organization truly integrates employee feedback into their ways of working. There’s a lot more to engaging employees than just checking steps and best practices off a list. You need to make sure what you’re doing is working, not just fulfilling a required action.


Gauging External Engagement

What are you doing to successfully engage people? Keep in mind that 'people' doesn’t only mean employees. The importance of feedback applies to your customers as well as your employees. After all, they want a lot of the same things. They want to feel valued and appreciated. They also want to be heard when they voice their concerns.

Just like with your customers, it’s not enough to conduct regular employee engagement surveys. You have to act on them too. Respond to their concerns and ask questions if you don’t understand. Once you have a handle on what your employees are looking for, set the objectives of what you want to address.

Create an engagement plan that directly addresses employee concerns and suggestions. Make a commitment to your team about what you plan to do, and stick with it. These are the most imperative aspects of engagement.

Without attention to responses, surveys are useless. Without communication, your employees don’t know you’re working to improve things. Without action, they’ll know that you don’t really want to improve things.


Steps to Ensure the Effectiveness of Employee Engagement Programs

  1. Solicit employee feedback.

  2. Read the feedback and understand it.

  3. Communicate what you intend to do in response.

  4. Follow through on what you communicate.

  5. Repeat the cycle.

Making it Happen

Aspirant's AI-powered survey tool, Digital Discovery®, is the ideal solution for leaders looking for more actionable insight. It utilizes natural language process to automate the analysis of open text responses. This empowers employees to offer their perspective in their own words rather than limiting them to pre-selected options or a 1-5 rating. Dashboards help visualize results and track trends over time.


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