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May 21, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility: 3 of Our Favorite Examples

Organizational Effectiveness

Can you describe your organization’s commitment to social responsibility? Is it at the forefront of the executive mind when making decisions?

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is what you want to be true for your company: You have a positive social impact; your mission aligns with broader social goals, promotes employee involvement in social causes, and is regularly recognized for positive social impact.

This is social responsibility success.

Check out the ways these companies achieve it:


1. Incorporate hours for volunteer work into your yearly budget.

Letting your employees use paid work hours to volunteer for their favorite causes is a sure win for social responsibility. It gets you good press in the community, increases employee loyalty and morale, and is the right thing to do.

Xerox earmarked over $1.3 million dollars to enable their 13,000 employees to participate in volunteer causes. This is over a period of many years at a very large company. But it’s worth the time to analyze your budget and see what kind of hours you can set aside for this no matter how small your business is.


2. Incorporate policies to use fewer natural resources.

All companies use natural resources; take a look at some of what you use and how. What can you use less of without compromising quality or safety? What could make the biggest positive impact on the environment?

Levi Strauss & Co has a trademarked “Water<Less” campaign, aimed at decreasing the use of water while manufacturing their products. They have already saved more than 2 billion liters of water with more planned. How can they make positive impact on their environment?


3. Donate per purchase.

TOMS Shoes is well known for its One for One approach to business. For every pair of shoes bought, another pair is donated to a needy child. It is a very simple and direct approach to helping others.

Consumers are glad to know their purchases are doing good things for others. Likewise, employees are glad to know their work is helping others. The community took notice, and the company is now well known for that purpose. People search out TOMS shoes to make a purchase. In addition to the good it does for the world, it actually drives customers to their products.

You might not be able to rearrange your business to match this approach, but you could come up with something, like a special product, or a certain percentage. There are always options.


How Aspirant Can Help

Aspirant prides itself in its commitment to combatting domestic violence through our Connection of Hope campaign. We would be happy to help your team find creative, sustainable ways for your company to support the local or global community. Use the form below to reach out to our team.


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