Optimizing Organizational Structure

Strategy & Transformation

The Challenge

Our client, a $1 billion communications and technology infrastructure solutions company, faced the challenge of integrating dozens of acquisitions operating autonomously in terms of product and service offering, pricing, costing, staffing, and process. The company lacked a standardized delivery platform for new and existing services, a functional organizational structure, and a consistent framework of processes needed to support an efficient and effective enterprise organization.

The Solution

We steered multiple organizational effectiveness-focused initiatives to aggregate the branch business units into larger entities and encourage the behaviors associated with an enterprise organization. Activities included: organizational design to align new operating model, talent assessments to identify and fill gaps in capabilities, change management to minimize organizational disruption, and communications strategy to establish multiple two-way channels for consistent interaction and engagement.

The Results

  • Aligned and optimized organizational structure aligned with business strategy and operating model that involved 4,000+ employees.
  • Robust internal communications framework with enhanced employee adoption of strategy and goals, and improved consistency across the organization.
  • Elevated talent and performance through enterprise-wide resource management, process standardization, and capability alignment with the new organizational landscape.
Mike is Aspirant's president, and a proven strategic leader in creating corporate visions and achieving their full value. He has delivered results across a spectrum of corporate and consulting leadership roles, and understands what organizations truly need to expedite change and deliver value faster. Mike’s unique combination of business experience in Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, Business Transformation, Technology, Capability Building and Culture Change enables him to provide a broadly informed viewpoint when solving enterprise problems or striving to take advantage of market opportunities. He serves as a key leader to bring the vision of Aspirant to life for clients across North America and the globe.

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