An internal customer feedback program boosts employee engagement as well as driving transparency and profitability

The Challenge

A U.S. multinational corporation was in the midst of a crisis in the oil and gas industry, as the drop in crude oil prices and industry layoffs had lowered the company's morale and engagement. Profitability turned downward and highly tenured employees were being let go. To increase transparency and rebuild morale, the company needed to establish a management-employee feedback method and transparency about business decisions.

The Solution

Working closely with a cross-functional team from HR, IT, and operations, the team assessed the organization’s current state and developed an internal customer feedback program. The program included: an annual customer feedback survey that enabled employees to provide department-specific feedback, a senior management communications plan to address specific concerns, and regular check-ins with employees to assess the organization’s morale.

The Results

  • Returned to company profitability.
  • Identified and executed quick wins to improve their service to employees.
  • Improved employee satisfaction and a lower rate of voluntary attrition.


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