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Facilitate Collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Teams Voice

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The Challenge

An in-home healthcare company was mired down with overly complicated, manual procedures to connect workers with each other and their patients. An antiquated process required multiple touchpoints, devices, and additional workers as opposed to a simple, streamlined connection with the patient. While already recognizing the imperative to modernizing, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the need for centralized connectivity and streamlined communications accelerated significantly.

The Solution

Our team started with a modernization strategy to provide centralized access to the most critical data needed by end-users to perform their job. Leveraging Microsoft Teams and Teams Voice services, we were able to match business flows with appropriate groups and call queues, providing seamless connectivity and communication solutions for healthcare workers and their patients.


The Results

  • The client was able to not only modernize their telephony and collaboration solutions but also combine disparate systems into a single, unified solution.
  • Simplified processes saved time and costs, decreasing confusion and increasing efficiency.
  • The health care workers got valuable time back in their day while being able to safely and securely connect with other workers and their patients.
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