Accelerated planning and delivery of a major custom Salesforce implementation program

The Challenge

The COO at a rapidly growing, newly public $500 million natural gas E&P and distribution company wanted to use Salesforce as a hub application platform for his cross-department/function end-to-end process and information access/update vision. However, its IT organization had minimal understanding of the platform, application architecture, and hybrid Cloud/Premise environment. To move forward at the urgent pace desired, an external project and development capability needed to be sourced quickly.

The Solution

In a supply-constrained marketplace for experienced Salesforce resources, Aspirant built an elite core program implementation team in just one month. Aspirant provided a seasoned Salesforce/Agile PM., Testing/QA leads integrated with a technical architect/developer, and a solution architect/developer from Aspirant’s partner network. The lead team was able to move from blueprinting to implementation in less than a month and delivered high-quality work on an accelerated schedule using a new operating model.

The Results

  • Rapid and prioritized quality delivery of Salesforce capabilities to the business – moving from platform selection to first implementation project rollout in less than three months.
  • Framed the program, assembled a core implementation team, and defined a new development operating model.
  • Upfront establishment of a tailored architecture that ensured reliability, efficiency, ease of maintainability, and future expandability.
  • Environment enabled for ease of internal transition.

Identifying Operations Opportunities Within

Operations leaders should avoid the temptation of external ‘quick fixes’ and instead take advantage of more immediate opportunities to address process inefficiencies.