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August 13, 2018

Team Accountability and Implementing Your Consultant’s Plan

Organizational Effectiveness

You’ve made the decision to partner with a management consulting firm. You’ve worked together wonderfully, and you now have a great plan for improving the company you believe in: yours. You’re definitely going to need a new strategy and a new culture of accountability to go along with it!

This is great news, but, no, your work is not over. In fact, in some cases, it may seem like it’s just begun. Now you need to work on implementing your awesome plan. This will include getting buy-in from both management and non-managing employees.

You know this plan is worth it and you also know that it’s going to work. And since you have partnered with someone like Aspirant, you’ll have someone to help you through this. Together, we can make it happen! Here are some steps to help:

1. Establish Authority

Make sure you’re the right person to on-board this plan. And make sure people know that and know why. Show your talents in leading accountability and earn authority by merit.

2. Communicate Your Case

Make sure everyone understands your vision for a better company. Convince them that having a culture of accountability for the project truly benefits everyone. Continue to point it out as benefits are realized.

3. Train Accountability Champions

Even if you are an amazing leader, you won’t be able to do this on your own. You need champions for your cause and who believe in the need to be accountable. Invest in these people and they will help you get across the finish line.

4. Be Prepared for Resistance

Change always comes with at least a few people that drag their feet. Be ready for that. Identify resistors early to diffuse their concerns as best as possible. You cannot let dissent and resistance build and simply hope it goes away. Be ready to defend your project.

5. Track and Celebrate Success

To know if your project and strategic plan are succeeding, you have to track and measure results. This also helps encourage the culture of accountability that everyone needs. The positive effects can’t not be recognized and celebrated without tracking. And celebrating success is integral to continuing it.


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