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July 9, 2018

Aspirant Publishes Workplace Trends for 2025 eBook

Organizational Effectiveness

It's trite, but true: the world around us is changing faster than ever. And it shows no signs of slowing down. The only way to get ahead (and stay ahead) is to deal with challenges proactively, not reactively. 

This is why we have researched and published our ebook: Workplace Trends for 2025, written by our own Judy Johnson, Ph.D. This book helps set the stage for what’s to come and how you can change and prepare your organization to be effective and win in the coming years.


What if you knew ahead of time that:

  • AI would be a critical member of your team
  • Employees use mobile devices to access the majority of information
  • Flexible work goes from a perk to an expectation

How would this information have changed your priorities? Would you have hired other people, invested in alternative projects, or measured success differently?

From market globalization to fickle consumer preferences to evolving talent requirements, the accelerating pace of change affects just about every facet of business.

The bad news is that the scope and scale of these changes is only going to grow.

And the good news? We can see the changes coming and can help you prepare accordingly.


Why is preparing your organization for 2025 a priority?

  • All signs point to continued shifts in how companies operate over the coming years
  • Issues that are already a nuisance are expected to accelerate
  • Focusing only on the challenges of today will get you caught up, only to be left behind
  • Preparing for emerging trends will help build an agile, skilled workforce that will be a sustainable competitive advantage 

Companies who prepare for future shifts are the ones that survive and thrive. There are a handful of mega trends that cut across all markets; they are consistently discussed and commonly agreed on by strategists across disciplines. When taken together, however, they show a drastically different future state of work, and also create a compelling reason to take action today.


How can you prepare for the future?

Aspirant’s Organizational Effectiveness team has analyzed social, professional, technological, and managerial trends to identify unique elements necessary for companies to excel.

To wet your appetite, here are two of the trends we explore in this ebook:
1. Reputation Over Revenue: Employees, customers and investors want social responsibility, environmental accountability and increasingly social activism from companies.

2. Diversified Power: Organizational power will neither sit solely with company executives at corporate headquarters, nor with the leaders of the largest business units.


To read through the complete list of trends and the recommended courses of action, click the image below.

Download Our Ebook Organizational Effectiveness for 2030


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Judy partners with executives and leadership teams to engage and inspire employees in a way that delivers sustainable strategic results. She brings deep expertise and creative ideas to solve organizational effectiveness issues and closely collaborates in a way that builds internal capabilities. Judy has spent over 25 years consulting in a variety of industries, bringing her expertise in behavior to a wide range of organizational issues including organizational behavior change, leadership, change management, culture and engagement.

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