Strategic Priorities Uncovered Using Digital Discovery®

Digital Discovery

The Challenge

Our client, a small management consulting firm, needed to understand the effects of their transformation projects. These projects were at varying stages and ranged from leadership changes to changes in employee location. Transformation was happening at almost every level of the organization. The client needed a way to understand the impact on their workforce and find pain points. They also wanted to measure the success of their transformation efforts.

The Solution

The client leveraged Digital Discovery® – Aspirant's AI-driven, virtual interview tool – to interview the organization’s employees. Team members were asked about their level of engagement and their perception of project results. Every individual's response was analyzed, categorized, and summarized using the tool's sentiment analysis. This provided the client and the Aspirant consulting team with the detailed insights they needed to inform the transformation plan, all in a fraction of the time it would have taken to interview the same group in-person.

The Results

Digital Discovery® Insights helped the client to:

  • Get everyone onboard with the transformation by giving them an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Equip leadership with the insights they needed to address specific employee concerns.
  • Establish informed management goals for the calendar year.
  • Create supplemental initiatives focused on bolstering morale and energizing the organization.
Joe is the Director of Digital Discovery. He focuses on business strategy and operational excellence. He has a background in finance / management and has immersed himself in the world of data science and Artificial Intelligence.

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