Insights Identified by Digital Discovery® Improved Sales Strategy

Digital Discovery

September 24, 2018

Insights Identified by Digital Discovery® Improved Sales Strategy

The Challenge

Our client, a division of a global pharmaceutical and consumer products company, needed to develop a three to five-year sales strategy that increased its competitive advantage to set them up for success. Faced with stiff competition from well-known and highly-funded brands they needed to gain input from their salesforce to inform this long-term strategy.

The Solution

The client leveraged Digital Discovery® – Aspirant's AI-driven, virtual interview tool – to get input from over 200 sales representatives. They were able to gather different perspectives and ideas directly from the field to understand how they could win in a challenging marketplace. Every individual's response was analyzed, categorized, and summarized using the tool's sentiment analysis. This provided the client and the Aspirant consulting team with the detailed insights they needed to inform the direction of a new sales strategy, all in a fraction of the time it would have taken to interview the same group in-person.

The Results

Digital Discovery® Insights helped the client to:

  • Confirm key pain points and identify new opportunities that informed their strategic direction.
  • Create a strategic roadmap that will guide them toward their strategic goals.
  • Contribute to business initiatives related to organizational agility, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.
  • Energize the sales team by including their recommendations in the long-term strategy.
Joe is the Director of Digital Discovery. He focuses on business strategy and operational excellence. He has a background in finance / management and has immersed himself in the world of data science and Artificial Intelligence.

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