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November 9, 2022

Launch of Org Accelerator™ Challenges Consulting's Old Guard


Aspirant, leading provider of management and technology consulting and RPO services, has announced the launch of Org Accelerator™. This new solution was created in response to frustration with the change management process employed by more familiar consulting firms. This alternative approach pairs proprietary tools with their industry and functional expertise to dramatically reduce the time needed to restructure an organization. This program was devised by Dr. Judy Johnson, Managing Director of Aspirant’s Organizational Effectiveness practice, who has encountered this challenge numerous times in her career.

“As part of working with our large clients, we have seen firsthand how siloed team structures can create complexity and competing priorities. A nimble reaction to industry dynamics becomes virtually impossible. This disadvantage needs to be resolved in order to build positive momentum,” explained Dr. Johnson.

“When facing this hurdle, many companies turn to better-known consulting firms for transformational leadership. However, their techniques take too long and often fail to make the intended impact. That is why we developed Org Accelerator™. Using AI-powered Digital Discovery® assessments and our collective experience, we revamp organizations to boost collaboration and performance in a matter of weeks instead of months,” she added.

Aspirant has enjoyed exponential growth as increased scrutiny on corporate spending is revealing a difficult value proposition relative to the amount spent with incumbent consulting partners. This offering is the latest addition to their comprehensive range of management and technology consulting services designed to generate better results in less time than those utilized by more famous firms.

Aspirant partners with business leaders to implement practical solutions to their most critical strategic, technological, and talent-related challenges. Our collaborative teams apply industry and functional expertise to help clients achieve sustainable results. We also strive to make a meaningful impact in the community by raising awareness of domestic violence and supporting victims through our Connection of Hope program. For more information, contact

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