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September 25, 2023

Aspirant Launches Digital Agency


Aspirant has announced the launch of a Digital Agency division providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. The firm has leveraged capabilities from its management and technology consulting teams to provide this support upon client request. In response to continued demand, they are now making these services accessible for all companies. 



Bill Kollitz, Managing Director of Marketing, “These digital capabilities are a natural extension of the market research and branding services that have been core offerings at Aspirant for years. Now clients can proceed straight into activating the strategies we co-develop, saving them the hassle of finding a capable execution partner and getting them up to speed."


"People traditionally think of 'digital marketing' in terms of 'selling'. But the same principals apply to crafting and promoting a compelling message to job seekers, investors, or current employees," added Andrew Rupert, Digital Agency Lead. "Our unique Integrated Expertise enables us to call on the strategic, technical, and creative skills to design and implement programs that help organizations of any size or industry achieve their goals.


"Many companies have identified digital marketing as the key to unlocking sustainable growth. But few have both the capability and capacity to take on these projects themselves. They don't know where to start, how much it will cost, or the best practices to utilize. Our Digital Agency will bridge that gap and eliminate that learning curve."


The launch of Aspirant's Digital Agency is the latest in a series of service offering expansions that have fueled exceptional growth for the firm, particularly over the last three years. The organization is now comprised of nine complementary service lanes spanning management consulting, technology consulting, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).


"We have always gauged our performance by the success of our clients and continually seek new ways to support their efforts," explained Mike McClaine, Aspirant CEO. "The addition of this Digital Agency to our portfolio of solutions is a perfect example of that mindset."


Are you in need of digital marketing assistance? If so, please contact us via the form below. 

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