February 28, 2023

What Tech Skills Should You Look for in a Candidate in 2023?

App Development & Integration

As previously discussed, companies will continue to expand their technical footprint. As a result, tech teams are expected to get budget increases across many industries. If you want to expand your IT department, ask yourself, what tech skills do candidates need?

The industry is constantly evolving and expanding, making it crucial for companies to hire skilled tech specialists to help them stay ahead of the curve. However, with so many different areas of expertise in the tech field, it’s tough to know the essential tech skills. So let’s look at some key skills companies should look for in tech specialists.


1. Technical Proficiency

The most critical tech skill for any candidate is technical proficiency, including profoundly understanding the languages, frameworks, and tools used in their area of expertise. Look for applicants who are not only familiar with the latest technologies but can also use them.


2. Problem-Solving Skills

Challenging problems require creative solutions. Look for tech candidates who have excellent problem-solving skills. They should understand what it means to identify the root cause of a problem and use their technical expertise to develop effective solutions.


3. Flexibility

The industry constantly changes, and new technologies and frameworks are always emerging. Therefore, look for adaptable prospects who can learn new skills. They should be able to keep up with the latest trends and, more importantly, be willing and eager to improve their skills continuously.


4. Communication Skills

In addition to the technical proficiency and problem-solving skills, tech specialists must also have strong communication skills. They should be able to clearly explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, collaborate effectively with team members, and provide updates on project progress.


5. Teamwork

Tech specialists must work closely with other team members, including developers, project managers, clients, and stakeholders. Tied closely with communication skills, look for applicants comfortable working in a team environment and collaborating effectively.


5. Creativity

Finally, specialists should be creative thinkers who can think differently and develop new and unique ideas.


The tech industry is highly competitive, and companies must hire the best specialists to remain competitive. Therefore, when evaluating candidates, looking for various skills, including technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, communication skills, adaptability, attention to detail, teamwork, time management, analytical thinking, and creativity, is essential.

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Phil is Aspirant's Managing Director of the App Development & Integration practice with a focus on providing enterprise-grade solutions. His 30 years of experience have given him the opportunity to work across many markets, industries, and applications. Phil is leading a team of skilled web and mobile developers building strategic solutions for our customers.

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