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How to Attract Top Tech Talent

How to Attract Top Tech Talent

We know 2019 is expected to bring about an increase in tech hires and that companies are looking for diverse employees with a wide range of experiences and skills. There will likely be more positions than there are candidates, so you’re going to have to step up your game to attract the kind of hires you want.

We’ve talked about the increase in IT budgets as well as ways to attract diverse hires, but there are other things you can do to highlight your technology department and make it attractive to potential hires. This year it will take more than a paycheck when hiring tech specialists. Here are a few tips to attract highly skilled candidates:


1. Show Off Your Product or Service

Potential hires should be able to see what you sell or offer right away. It should be prevalent in your office as well as on your website. Show it off and let them know you are proud of it. If you create software or a form of technology, have it spaced throughout your office to use and see. Let potential hires play around with it. Whatever it is you do, make sure you show it off with pride. Job hunting candidates will feel your enthusiasm and want to be involved.


2. Amplify Your Atmosphere

For the younger workforce, culture and atmosphere are key. They want to spend their time somewhere they can appreciate. To attract this kind of talent, your culture should be front and center, whether you’re laid back and casual or more traditionally professional, you want to attract the people that will be a good fit. Just don’t fake it. The best prospect won’t be at their best in an atmosphere they’re not suited to.

A great way to see if your company and a potential hire are a good fit for each other is to let them talk to other tech workers. Your current employees can help give prospects an idea of your atmosphere and culture. Demonstrate the R&D your team is involved in. You can even accomplish this before potential employees even set foot in your office. Keeping an active blog and social media presence about your company and the work you do is a great way to show off your success and your culture. Jobseekers often look up whatever they can on potential employers, so make sure they can see who you are!


3. Provide Professional Development

If you want innovative employees you have to offer innovative opportunities. Job fulfillment is a huge factor for many potential employees. One way your company can stay competitive is by offering concrete strategies for professional development. This is to be understood and nourished. If you’re willing to invest in your potential employee’s future, they’ll be more willing to invest in you. Will they have an opportunity to work with and learn hot software trends? Let your current employees tell them about it. Make sure they know about any classes or training that you’ll support. Be specific. Let them know they will have the ability and be encouraged to try new things and gain new skills.


4. Broadcast Your Benefits

Offering a competitive salary is only half the battle. It’s an employee’s market right now and your company needs to distinguish itself. A great way to do this is through the benefits you’re willing or able to offer. At the very least, you should strive to offer something better than other companies in your area. Job candidates already have a lot to think about. Don’t make them guess or ask about benefits. Be upfront, straightforward and proud of what you have to offer. When hiring tech specialists you want to have something special.


5. Let Potential Employees Get to Know Your Team

Coworkers are such a vital part of the workday and good ones can make a job much better. The sooner they get to know each other the better. Include your team members on follow-up interviews and encourage them to reach out to your preferred candidates. Give them time to talk without you in the room so they feel comfortable and uncensored. Let them figure out for themselves if they are going to fit in well with the team. It’s much easier to opt for a company you feel like you already know and is invested in you.

One of the main things to remember is that job seekers are interviewing you, too. When there are lots of options for employment you both have to impress each other. In the end, this leads to happier workers, better skilled teams and a better overall work environment for you and your entire team.


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